Contract Agreement

Contract Agreement

Contract agreement governs the relationship between a company and an independent contractor. Contact us for more information about contract agreement

General Contract for Services Basics

Putting your agreements in writing helps keep your business relationships in good standing. A General Contract for Services is a useful tool whether you provide services for someone else or they provide them for you. You can create a General Contract for Services to set out clear terms and conditions for any services to be provided.

Use the General Contract for Services document if:

  1. Your business will be providing services for a business or individual.
  2. You will be contracting with a business to receive services.

Establish good professional relationships and prevent future misunderstandings with a general contract for services. Also known as an agreement for services or service contract, it defines the relationship between the business providing a service and the person or business receiving it. A general contract for services helps both parties by creating a clear record of the price, duration of services, obligations, and more, so if one party disagrees, the other is protected.

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