Company Training

Company Training

Here at Amicus Meus, we have been working within the professional development and management training industry since 2015. We offer a unique range of training programmes focused on the development of leadership skills and personal skills. We run management training courses all over the country and have an ever growing reputation as the ‘go-to’ training company in many different industry sectors.

What we offer Companies doing training:

Working with many organisations around the world, our programmes offer so much more than conventional training courses – whether it’s for graduate intakes, needs-led coaching, supervisor and management training or boot camps. We do this by:

  1. Advancing our clients’ global knowledge sharing and collaboration
  2. Developing team based learning and internal networks which support workforce development
  3. Delivering instructor led workshops or webinars focused on a client’s particular business challenges
  4. Developing courses with practitioners, for practitioners, with a focus on practical skills and knowledge
  5. Implementing blended solutions which incorporate online learning platforms, including hosted corporate learning environments
  6. Supporting our clients consistently for over 15 years, offering a secure, trustworthy and low risk solution

What we do is to train people practically on business skills and knowledge to which one can be gainfully employed

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