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About Amicus Meus Int. Service LTD

Amicus Meus International Services Ltd is a body corporate registered in Nigeria to engage in various types of business and consultancy nationwide. We are well trained and adequately equipped professionals versed in property market, competent to manage your property. We also have experienced lawyers ready and able to tame any recalcitrant tenant within the bounds of law. Our registered Office Address is 21 Udi Hill Drive, Asokoro Abuja and our Eastern office is No 5 Agwunobi/Eze Road, Umudiokpara Villa, Azia, Ihiala, Anambra State. Our email is amicusmeusltd@gmail.com and our website is under reconstruction.

Our aim is to place all our resources at your disposal in the management of your property in away you have never known before.

We know you like the best and that is exactly what we will give you. With our team properly trained and agile, we can assure a quality of management you can trust and always desire.

1. We are Real Estate Agents and we specialize in advertising, letting, leasing, sales and purchases of properties, installations, furnishing and general property management.

2. We offer all sorts of legal representations including litigation and all forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution relating to land in general and property under our care in particular. With duly executed power of attorney in our favour, we sue and can be sued, take out writ of summons and answer any action and represent the landlord to the full extent of any power donated to us in respect of any property under our care. It means that all issues relating to the property under our management can be dealt with in the most appropriate and efficient manner at little cost to you.

3. We work closely with companies or individuals to develop estates by offering any professional, technical and managerial support they may need from time to time.

4. We offer expert Real Estate investment advice such as project appraisal which means carrying out feasibility and viability study/report to determine practicability and profitability or otherwise of proposed projects; including sourcing for development finance.

5. We offer excellent documentation on tenants including preparation and administration of appropriate tenancy agreement and contracts, proper reference letters and keeping of enviable data base so that background checks could be done on the prospective tenant to determine their suitability.

6. We draft, execute and perfect all legal instruments where such is legally advisable. We do this to ensure that the best interest of our clients is protected.

7. We offer real time response to tenant issues including undertaking to repair or fix any such things as shall be agreed with the landlord. The advantage of for the landlord is that it frees the landlord from any form of hassle from tenants.

8. Representation of landlord at meetings with tenants and any other meetings.

9. We carry out renovations and necessary repairs on agreed terms (usually once in two years) from a renovation account and send account of same to the landlord immediately.

10. We employ contemporary practices to ensure that the property under our care can compete favourable with others in the market.

Our goal is to assist any landlord we work for to recoup very fastly his return on investments so that s/he can settle down and enjoy the fruits of the labour. In furtherance of the professional services we specifically offer:

  1. Tenant selection for the vacant apartment at competitive market rates
  2. Collection of rents and remitting same to the Landlord promptly.
  3. Ensure that leases and tenancy are renewed promptly at prevailing rate and rent in the market with little/concession for existing tenants.
  4. Ensure that all leases and tenancy agreements are properly executed and all parties concerned keep to covenants, obligations and conditions.
  5. Arrange a reliable enhancement, security and maintenance scheme  for the building and its appurtenances
  6. Sue for rent and defend actions in relation to the property.
  7. Equitable sharing of tenements rates with other rates to ensure that they are promptly paid by occupants
  8. Eliminating and reducing loss of income from property, this may result from not utilizing or exploiting any opportunity in the property. We do this   by advertizing spaces months before they actually become vacant.
  9. We take inventories and ensure that Landlord’s fixture and fittings are well maintained and are in good state of repairs.
  10. Monthly visit to property under our care to ensure that everything is fine.
  11. Finally and generally we relieve the burden of dealing with tenants directly and thereby eliminate the possibility of abuse that may result from such encounter.

Our skills

Legal Practitioner
Fraud Examiner
Internet Marketting

Our services

  • Property Management
  • Legal representations
  • Land Sales
  • House Sales, Lease and Letting
  • Auditing and Fraud Detection

Our values

  • Qualified Lawyers
  • Standard Web Developers
  • Certified Accountants

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Meet our team

J. A Maduakolam Esq.


LLB(Hons) (Wolverhampton, UK), BL(Nigeria), B. Phil(Rome), B.A(Hons) (Ibadan), MBA (Aberdeen, UK), ACIArb , ACFE, MCMI(UK)

Umeji Festus


Certified Acccountant and Fruad Examiner

Victor Amobi

ICT/Utility Manager

A certified Web developer, programmer with Bsc Computer Science

Odumodu Emma

Awka Building Agent/Caretaker

Qualified Caretaker and Agent

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